Living with Hypos for over 27 years …

What is a Hypo?

Taken from Google ..

I am now 61 yrs old and finally have more time for myself 👯‍♂️. Although my 3 young adults no longer babies live at home still … I decided it’s time for me .

So this year I have been on a health journey to try and reduce my Hypos and change the way I manage my diabetes .

Since reducing my carbs and insulin I have managed to loose weight and finally feel like my old self … however I still Hypo !!!

WHY is this when I try so hard ? My Diabetic Specialist recently came up with a suggestion I may have Mauriac Syndrome 😱, when I researched it I wasn’t sure it had any relation to my diabetes but then I’m not a specialist !!!

WHY do I blog ? Actually I’m not sure myself … I never have much time to stop and write never mind all the Social Media platforms Instagram and Facebook and to what avail ?

At first I thought I could help others going through similar issues , but sometimes I think I’m just writing to my self about myself !!!

I’m now on a mission to find out why I Hypo so much … Thankfully the Hypos are manageable but just slow me down which can be frustrating !!!

I have Hypo’d from the very first day I started insulin !!! Hence people commented I may not be diabetic but I went on to have 3 children so couldn’t get off insulin to see and when I finally did try it was too late as my pancreas was dead !!!

It’s only now after 27 years that I’m asking more questions and trying to find the answer .. Giving up Carbs has been a start …..

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