Three visits to A&E in 3 months !…The last one via an ambulance !

The last admission via ambulance showed symptoms of a mild stroke … 😳

I’m the last person to cause a fuss but waking up with slow speech and realising I slept 3 hours on a low sugar of 1.6 was cause for concern , had my blood pressure not been so high and my speech still disturbed , I would never have reached to call 111 but with all the adverts about strokes it was better to be safe than sorry .

The person on the end of the phone ,after further questioning chose to request a team to access me … by the time the team arrived an hour later my sugar had balanced however my blood pressure was still raised and speech slow , therefore the decision was made it may have been a minor stroke so I was best taken to a stroke unit in a local Hospital .

When I arrived it was shift change and the Doctor on duty said I had symptoms of a mild stroke but the window to administer meds had passed .. therefore they wanted to proceed with a CT scan of my brain and bloods .

The nurse had trouble inserting the first cannula causing my vein to collapse so then on to another arm finally inserting it with success .. she then mentioned first time back on ward duty 😳… then went on to having difficulty with an ECG machine!! Definitely not my day 😟

I questioned the need for a CT scan of the head but the doctor on duty insisted it was necessary as I had all the symptoms still of a mild stroke … I then was monitored for a few hours until the specialist team came to visit . The specialist took the view it was more probable to be a bad Hypo in the night than a stroke .. so I was then discharged to make my way home .

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