Who can read this…?

Omnipod v Freestyle Libre

I know they say pretty pictures help blogs but I wanted to share what’s happening to my sugar readings through the night. The Omnipod Reading is obviously more accurate because it measures capillary blood , the Libre shows the direction and stability but the the reading measures interstitial fluid . Insulin delivery from midnight last night to 6am was 2.5 u !!! Since I reduced carbs I have never seen anything like this in 27 yrs of having diabetes😳…

When first diagnosed out of the blue 27 yrs ago I was put on approx 4 daily injections of 10/12 units of Actrapid insulin and a background of 16/20 units of Lantus and went on to have low sugars every day … always spiking up to high sugars after eating carbs !!!

I hardly ate anything but I kept being told I needed more insulin hence the weight piled on !!!

I collected 6 autoimmune conditions along the 27 yrs always being blamed on my diabetes …. so explain this why now with a low carb intake which I never thought was possible for a T1D could my life change so much? No frequent spiking as before, however I still hypo but not the crazy swings ? …..More to follow ..

Photo taken before low carb regime…
Photo taken on low carb regime…

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