My 1st Endocrinologist …

There is a reason why I refer to my Endocrinologist as number 1, you will get to understand further into the blogs… I was extremely nervous to find out how diabetes was going to affect me . I still didn’t know if I would have to inject insulin( Type 1) or just take tablets (Type 2).

After further tests, it was decided I would need to inject insulin! However I had a phobia of needles ! I decided there was no way I could do this , so the specialist had no option but to admit me to hospital until I learnt to inject. I had to practise on an orange ..It took a week before I overcame my fears !


5 Thoughts

  1. I am the exact same way with needles and just today got prescribed Tanzeum for type 2 that I will need to inject weekly. I did the first one today with my Endocronologist, but was in tears because I am so scared of needles! Your orange tip may be just the trick I need!


  2. I felt the same way about needles, but I felt a lot better when I learned that the needle is very small and you don’t have to go finding veins or anything to inject insulin. You’ll eventually become comfortable with injections, best of luck 🙂



    1. Hi Frank, My Blog is about the past 23yrs of me being an Insulin dependant diabetic ..gradually bringing me up to today..I am actually classed as brittle diabetic and a year ago went onto a pump called Omnipod.I no longer inject thing that ever happened to me but I still prick my finger 10 times a day …chat any time ..Colette (UK)


      1. Hi Colette, apologies for the confusion, I only saw that one post and assumed you were newly diagnosed. I had never heard of brittle diabetes until looking it up just now and I look forward to reading more about it on your blog 🙂

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