31st March 2015 .. Preview of what’s to come ….

Just to clarify, I am writing a blog on the past 23 years of my life since discovering I had Type 1 Diabetes¬†gradually bringing it up to 2015 ..I am now 56 yrs old .. Happily married with 3 Children now 22, 19 & 16 and a successful business…My journey has had its ups and downs dealing with diabetes, diabetes during pregnancy and other autoimmune disorders.. I realise there has been many advancements in diabetes along the way .. So some of my story will be out of date but will still show you the journey I have taken .. the rest you will discover in my blog !
I hope to help people who are on a similar path to see there is light at the end of the tunnel and life is what you make of it …..

June 1992 .. My life turned upside down !

I was still working, but needed to read everything about travelling with diabetes as my job meant me travelling to the Far East and turning my body clock round!  Now that I injected it worried me.

The end of late night dinners ..I started staying in more as I used to have low sugars everyday sometimes twice a day but that was because my sugars were  up and down ..later to be diagnosed as brittle diabetes .

We were trying for a baby , soon after our honeymoon I conceived but 8weeks later I had a miscarriage which transpired was because I was early stages diabetic but had not been diagnosed yet!


I was told I couldn’t get pregnant until my sugars were stable …6.0 to 6.9 mmol/l (108 to 126 mg/dl)….

My 1st Endocrinologist …

There is a reason why I refer to my Endocrinologist as number 1, you will get to understand further into the blogs… I was extremely nervous to find out how diabetes was going to affect me . I still didn’t know if I would have to inject insulin( Type 1) or just take tablets (Type 2).

After further tests, it was decided I would need to inject insulin! However I had a phobia of needles ! I decided there was no way I could do this , so the specialist had no option but to admit me to hospital until I learnt to inject. I had to practise on an orange ..It took a week before I overcame my fears !


Shock set in …

Being told you are diabetic out of the blue sent me into shock …I went home and read everything I could about diabetes on the Internet ! What happens now ¬†I thought ..my life changed overnight ..I had an emergency appointment the following day to meet a specialist in a local private hospital, I was lucky enough to have Private Medical Insurance . Other ¬†people may have had to wait a week or two for an appointment on the NHS !

June 1992 (6 Months after I got married) I was diagnosed with diabetes…

I was working on some drawings as I designed toys at the time and I noticed my vision began to change …I figured I needed glasses ! Then I started to lose weight¬†and became excited as my diet was finally working ..little did I know what would happen next. I was always running to the toilet , but now I know they were all symptoms of the beginning of Diabetes !

When I visited my local GP ¬†at the time, he pricked ¬†my finger with a blood monitor to see my glucose reading and test my urine…”Yes” he said “you have diabetes , I will need to refer you to a specialist called an Endocrinologist”